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66,952,599.27 XSC
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Recent Payouts

Payouts are performed daily with a threshold of 500 XSC, or up to every 6 hours when over 1000 XSC.

Date/TimeAmountTransaction IDStatus
2019-07-07 14:40 UTC 129.52 XSC d268cc1e0ac25264... confirmed
2019-07-02 14:40 UTC 2,990.51 XSC fee79d7faf87793c... confirmed
2019-07-02 08:40 UTC 14,922.32 XSC 648ab506daf14dda... confirmed
2019-07-02 02:40 UTC 20,079.65 XSC 91b0343760a90c2e... confirmed
2019-07-01 20:40 UTC 15,278.37 XSC c2f3384b6c50e893... confirmed
2019-07-01 14:40 UTC 17,013.37 XSC ec71f8dedaff4c05... confirmed
2019-07-01 08:40 UTC 6,985.77 XSC ccbacd0093affd5e... confirmed
2019-07-01 02:40 UTC 1,739.02 XSC bc59ad1861969eca... confirmed
2019-06-30 03:55 UTC 549.54 XSC 40cdefeb3d0a4d1d... confirmed
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All-Time Paid Out: 66,952,599.27 XSC

Note: If you have not received one of the payout transactions listed above, please click on the transaction ID to look it up on the Explorer. If the transaction appears there, it is proof that it went through successfully, and that the problem is with the receiving end. If you are using an exchange address, you should contact the exchange.